Virus Removal

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If your computer is behaving strangely, displaying pop-up windows or freezing unexpectedly, it may have a virus. Computer viruses can 'break' your programs, steal your personal information, or simply cause intrusive, annoying behavior that frustrates you and prevents you from getting your work done.

Some viruses imitate actual security software, and hold your computer hostage until you pay for bogus “repair” services. Other viruses turn your computer into a “zombie”, slowing it down and making it send out spam e-mails all day long.

I have an arsenal of high-quality, proven and effective tools for removing viruses, repairing the damage they cause, and preventing them from infecting your computer again.

My Virus Removal & Repair Service will restore your computer back to a working condition. Most jobs of this type are done in two hours or less, and can be done on-site at your location or off-site at CM&U's location. Give me a call, and let's get that computer working for you again!