Solid State Drive

Upgrade Service

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We can replace your old hard drive (which stores your files, music, pictures, etc...) in your laptop or desktop computer with a new type of drive called a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Benefits of a new Solid State Drive (SSD):

  • These SSDs have no moving parts in them, unlike the older tech in hard drives

  • They generate less heat and retrieve data 10-15 times faster than the older hard drive tech

  • SSDs generally have a much longer lifespan than older-style hard drives

  • The overall performance boost on even an older computer is just incredible!

  • The average boot-up time for a computer with an SSD is about 20 seconds (instead of between 1 minute and a hundred years on older hard drives 😊)

  • Everything you do on the computer is faster, from boot-up/shutdown, to opening programs, to transferring files, even browsing the Internet can be sped up (since the browser can work faster)

  • The end result is a computer that will run better than it did even when it was brand new

Price for this package:

  • New 240GB SSD + Install Windows or MacOS & various programs, tweak the operating system, install updates, transfer data from old drive= $160

  • New 512GB SSD + Labor= $180

  • New 1TB SSD + Labor= $220