About Me

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My name is Joseph. I am the owner of Computer Maintenance & Upkeep, having started the business in January of 2008. I've actually been working with computers for longer than that though.

I currently reside in Colorado Springs. My computer skills come from personal experience and research, and of course, much trial-and-error testing on my own computer equipment.

Every program I install for you is one that I have used on my own computers. Most of these I've used for many years, such as Google Chrome and OpenOffice.org. Due to this long-time familiarity, I am completely confident in the security programs and other software I install.

There has never been a security breach or breakdown on my computers that I haven't been able to fix. Even with that in mind, I can count on one hand the number of security breaches I've had.  Note that I have an always-on high-speed Internet connection, and I regularly download and install new software to test and see what works.

I also pledge to pet your cat or dog whenever I do a housecall 😊.

It always makes me happy when I'm able to help someone, so this line of work is particularly rewarding for me.