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Flat-Rate Full-Featured Windows/MacOS Install Service

Over time, your Windows or Apple Mac computer can begin to run slower and suffer from more errors than it did when it was new. Viruses and adware/spyware can severely impact how quickly your computer operates. Sometimes an operating system re-installation is just what the doctor ordered!

To have Windows/MacOS professionally reinstalled and to get your computer running like new again, give me a call!

Included with your professional, full-featured Windows/MacOS installation service:

  • Verify that your computer will be able to run the latest version of Windows or MacOS
  • FREE Personal Document/Photos/Music Backup & Restore
  • Upgrade from your current operating system to the latest version of Windows/MacOS
  • Locate drivers to run your printers & other hardware on the latest version of Windows or MacOS
  • FREE Antivirus & Anti-Spyware/Adware
  • FREE Internet Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, etc...
  • More FREE software to get the most out of your computer!

Additional Services:

  • Receive a copy of your backed-up files on CD or DVD: $5 per disc
  • In-home computer setup after installing Windows/MacOS: Price varies by job
  • Wireless home networking setup: Price varies by job

With my professional Flat-Rate Full-Featured Windows/MacOS Install Service, I will make your machine secure and run as smoothly and quickly as your computer should!


Only $120.00 Flat Rate!

24 to 72 hour turnaround in most cases!

Work Done At CM&U's Location

Valid Windows/MacOS License Required

To Schedule an Appointment:

Call Joseph in the Colorado Springs area at 719-623-5196
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