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Flat-Rate Full-Featured Windows Install Service

Over time, your Windows computer can begin to run slower and suffer from more errors than it did when it was new. Viruses and adware/spyware can severely impact how quickly your computer operates. Sometimes a Windows re-installation is just what the doctor ordered!

To have Windows professionally and legally reinstalled and to get your computer running like new again, give me a call!

Included with your professional, full-featured Windows installation service:

FREE Antivirus & Anti-Spyware/Adware

Never Pay For Internet Security Software Again!

FREE Personal Document/Photos/Music Backup & Restore

Don't Lose Your Important Files or Cherished Memories

FREE Office Productivity Suite

Compatible With Microsoft Office Formats

FREE Internet Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari

Experience The Internet With Added Speed, Functionality & Security

More FREE software to get the most out of your computer!

Additional Services:

Receive a copy of your backed-up files on CD or DVD: $5 per disc

In-home computer setup after installing Windows: Price varies by job

Wireless home networking setup: Price varies by job

With my professional Flat-Rate Full-Featured Windows Install Service, I will make your machine secure and run as smoothly and quickly as your computer should!

Only $120.00 Flat Rate!

24 to 72 hour turnaround in most cases!

Work Done At CM&U's Location

Valid Windows License Required

To Schedule an Appointment:

Call Joseph in the Colorado Springs area at 719-623-5196
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