Computer Maintenance & Upkeep

"Ensuring Computer Security, Stability & Speed"


Computer Maintenance & Upkeep partners with a variety of local companies here in Colorado Springs. Joseph, the business owner, has worked with these companies in person.

In addition, each week, Joseph attends a BNI meeting to help other owners build their businesses. CLICK HERE to learn more about the BNI chapter, Rocky Mountain Business Builders.

These other businesses come highly recommended! Here are some of the ones Joseph has worked with in person:

CM&U's Business Partners

Anthony Bachmann @ Pyramid Roofing

Facebook page


Shannon Ming @ Shannon Ming Insurance Agency

Chris Burghardt @ JazyFrei Plumbing & Heating

JazyFrei's website


Eileen Koenig @ Waddell & Reed

Financial Advisor

Eileen's BNI Page


To Schedule an Appointment:

Call Joseph in the Colorado Springs area at 719-623-5196 
Or fill out the CONTACT FORM HERE