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Print From Your Mobile Device To Your Printer!

Posted on September 1, 2013 at 5:40 PM


Using Google Cloud Print (, it is possible to connect your printer to the Internet and print to it from your smartphone or tablet. This will enable you to print photos or documents FROM anywhere you have an Internet connection TO your home or office printer!


To use Google Cloud Print, you will need to have Google Chrome on your home or office computer that is connected to your printer. A few settings tweaks will connect your printer to the Internet:


You will also need an Android phone or tablet, or an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad. Install the Cloud Print app on your Android device or the PrintCentral Pro app on your iOS device and it will allow you to connect to your printer.


You can even print from a remote computer (like at a relative's house) by logging into your Cloud Print account and sending a photo or document to it from anywhere in the world!


Please CONTACT ME if you'd like some help getting this set up. It could serve a very useful purpose to those running a business or anyone else who would like to print from their mobile devices!

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