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Some of My Favorite Android Apps

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 11:48 AM

As an Android user, I have been experimenting with different apps to find what works for me and to find new functions I didn't even know I needed. This list highlights some of the apps that I use regularly and find very useful.

Cop Recorder

This app allows you to record the audio around you. When you open it and tap the 'Record Now' button, it closes and simply begins recording. Open the app again to stop recording, and it will save the audio file to your SD card. This comes in handy whenever you'd like to have a record of what was said in any particular situation.

Screen Shot (Requires Root)

I used the 'Shake the phone' feature to screenshot all the apps for this article. Includes some nice options for image quality.

Record My Call

Automatically records outgoing and incoming, then offers you a chance to review the call immediately afterward. You can email the recording or save it for future reference. Great for calls to customer service numbers!

Call Control

Allows you to block all calls from any number, and comes with a pre-set blacklist of known spammers.


For some reason, the default cache size for SD card read/write is set very low on Andoid phones. This app allows you to up that cache size and dramatically increase the speed with which your device loads images, music, video and apps stored on there.

Wifi Analyzer

Essential for anyone serious about setting up home wifi networks! This one shows you if the channel your router is using is crowded so you can change it and it lets you see how strong the signal is in different parts of the house.


My main use for this app is the auto-upload feature. Take a photo or video, and it's on Photobucket within seconds. Great for saving time, and potentially will work as a security feature if the phone is lost or stolen.

This list represents only a few of the many apps I find useful. Let me know which you like from my list, and which you like that aren't on this list!

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