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Time For That Solid State Drive Upgrade!

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 9:55 AM

I'd like to offer you a proposal for an upgrade to your laptop or desktop computer that will maximize its performance and make things run better than new!


If we have not already done this for you, or if you have other computers that have not yet been serviced:

We can replace the old hard drive (which stores your files, music, pictures, etc...) in your laptop or desktop computer with a new type of drive called a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Benefits of a new Solid State Drive (SSD): 

  • These SSDs have no moving parts in them, unlike the older tech in hard drives
  • They use much less power, generate less heat, and retrieve your data 10-15 times faster than the older hard drive tech
  • SSDs generally have a much longer lifespan than older-style hard drives
  • The overall performance boost on even an older computer is just incredible!
  • The average boot-up time for a computer with a SSD is about 16 seconds (instead of between 1 minute and a hundred years on older hard drives :)
  • Everything you do on the computer is faster, from boot-up/shutdown, to opening programs, to transferring files, even browsing the Internet can be sped up (since the browser can work faster)


Normal price for this package: 

  • New SSD (market price, usually around $80)
  • Install Windows 10 or MacOS $120
  • Transfer files from old drive to new SSD $10
  • Install various programs, tweak the operating system, install all updates $FREE!
  • The total cost for this package is about $200, which is already less than the cost of a new computer


The end result is a computer that will run better than it did even when it was brand new. Please let me know if you'd like to take advantage of this upgrade and get your computer running as fast and securely as it can be!

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