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Additional Techy-Type Benefits of Google's Project Fi Smartphone Cell Service

Posted on May 4, 2016 at 7:55 PM

Here is more info about the other features and benefits of Google's Project Fi:


---Project Fi provides automatic access to a huge number of known, reliable, safe open WiFi networks all around the country. If you go into a Starbucks or an airport for example, your phone will connect to the WiFi on its own. Your Internet usage while you're on that WiFi connection will not count against your paid Project Fi data allowance.


In addition, all your smartphone Internet activity while on that WiFi network will be encrypted and routed through a secure Google server, thus eliminating the dangers associated with using a public WiFi hotspot.


You will see a little key icon in the notification area at the top of your phone whenever it connects to one of these public hotspots, so you'll always know when that is happening.


--- Once your service is active, you can request an additional data-only SIM card for certain tablets, allowing you to use your data on that device as well. There is no extra cost for the additional SIM card.


--- If you use your Project Fi phone outside the US (within a list of over 120 countries), data usage will cost the exact same price as it does here.


--- Another great benefit is the ability to make and receive calls/texts for free from your computer using Hangouts, which is Google's chat service. Go to to see how that works.


--- You can also install the Hangouts chat app and Hangouts dialer app on any smartphone or tablet and make and receive calls/texts on that device as well, even if it has no cell service.


--- In addition, you can use the Project Fi app or website to manage your account. It's a quick and easy way to see your call/text history, manage your billing, see your data usage, contact Project Fi Support, and a few other things.


--- Finally, you can use the Project Fi app or website to add additional phone numbers that will ring when someone calls your Project Fi number. So you can have your office phone, home phone, and smartphone ring when someone calls, and you decide which phone to answer on.


There are more features coming as the Project Fi service matures (it's only 1 year old!), so stay tuned at to keep up!

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