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My Experience With Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Posted on March 23, 2008 at 12:05 AM

On Tuesday, March 18th, Microsoft released Vista SP1. This service pack consisted of hundreds of updates to Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows Vista. I decided to go ahead and download the whole 434 megabyte install package and give it a go.

I had some warning ahead of time of what to expect of my Vista SP1 experience. I had been reading articles for months about people who were using the test (beta) or leaked versions and had been having problems all across the board, ranging from misplaced hardware drivers to programs being disabled or seriously hobbled to the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.


In the short time that Vista SP1 has officially been available, a multitude of articles have appeared all over the Internet with complaints about even more of the same problems. The rage and venomous hatred is practically palpable! This service pack is ruining everyone's computers! UPenn gave Vista SP1 a failing grade. Average users the world over are furious about their bad experience with the OS update.

In short, I knew what I was getting into with my decision to download and install Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Any of the inevitable problems that were sure to arise were to be expected. I could not blame the coming headaches on anyone or anything but my own curiosity.

So I began. With my cable Internet connection, the download took about ten minutes or so. The installation instructions explained that the whole process would take about an hour. I started the process, watched it for a few minutes, then went and got a sandwich and watched some Star Trek Voyager out in the living room. I checked in every 15 minutes or so just to be sure things were moving along smoothly, and to see if there were any boxes I had to check to tell the thing to continue.

An hour and ten minutes later, the computer restarted and that was that! Pretty painless so far. I was now ready for the torture to begin.

I went back to using my computer as usual, with my website-managing, my Craigslist ad-posting, my daily online news-and-comics-intaking, so on and so forth. The imminent shadow of disaster loomed over my electronic goings-on like I had never before experienced. And guess what? No sooner had I returned to my routine of computer projects and miscellany when suddenly...

Well, actually, nothing happened. Or, to be more precise, nothing bad happened. To the contrary, my computer seemed to be running a little faster, a little more solid-feeling, a little, dare I say it... better. No problems. No blue screens of death. Not even one single solitary misplaced icon or tiny little Vista-related graphics hiccup. It just... worked.

Really, except for the first few weeks of my experience with Vista, back in May of 2007, that has been pretty typical of my experience with Microsoft programs. Windows XP just... works. Windows Movie Maker, Media Player, Microsoft Money, Live Messenger, Works and Word, even the much-maligned Windows Vista; they all just work. Vista SP1 did no damage to anything on my computer. It didn't slow me down in the slightest or cause me to lose any of my work or anything. It just... worked.

You would think, from the vast selection of articles out there claiming that Vista SP1 was a failure, that Vista SP1 was a failure. Well, not on my turf. It worked fine. Better than fine, in fact; it actually improved things for me. Thanks, Microsoft! And No Thanks, people who wrote all those articles, once again taking advantage of the opportunity to slam Microsoft, and you other people who wrote articles quoting the articles that were written by people taking the opportunity to slam Microsoft, making it seem as if the whole world was anti-Microsoft and anti-Vista SP1. No Thanks at all.

Vista SP1 worked for me!

* As always, I cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your system because of the use of this or any other programs mentioned on this website. Make sure you know what you're doing BEFORE you make any changes or use any other programs on your computer.

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